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Train your CORE at Home! - Only $125 + S&H

Train your CORE at Home! - Only $125 + S&H

Train your CORE at Home!


Flexi-Bar Improves core strength
by Mo Hagan

A regular training regimen with the Flexi-Bar helps to improve core muscular strength and guard safe-guard against back pain. 

Why? Flexi-Bar helps to strengthen your deep core muscles which directly support the spine and indirectly help to strengthen and stabilize shoulder and hip joints. 

Eighty percent of back, neck and even shoulder and hip pain are related to a weak core and poor posture. Improvement of poor posture, excessively weak core muscles or sensory motor skills can be improved by a regular exercise routine with the Flexi-Bar. 

The Flexi-Bar makes it possible to address a wide range of different physical needs in one workout that is relatively easy to learn.  Strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination can be improved with this tool and the results and cross-training effect (positive influence on other fitness activities and sport) is high . 

The Flexi-Bar is a must tool for anyone who cares about, or needs to strengthen and support the spine, improve posture and overall performance.   As a licensed physiotherapist and certified fitness professional for over 30 years I have worked and trained with many people and a wide range of fitness equipment. 

I LOVE what a Flexi-Bar can do to help improve everybody’s fitness and overall physical health plus it’s an easy and fun training tool.  I have my own Flexi-Bar and it sits in my office to remind me to use it when I’m sitting too long working at my desk.  You will often hear my say “One minute a day, with a Flexi-Bar keeps back pain away”. 

The Flexi-Bar is an ideal multifunctional and 3-demensional training and therapeutic device, which can easily be used at home, in a workout or at the office for a full body workout which gently activates dormant strength and helps to achieve long-lasting improvements in overall physical conditioning.  The oscillating vibrations of the bar (that you create by moving the bar to initiate swing), stimulate entire chains of muscles beginning within the core (muscles around the shoulder, spine and hips) and continuing outwards into both the upper and lower limbs. 


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