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Think Yourself Successful

Think Yourself Successful

by Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas, Maureen Hagan and Tasha Hughes

Did you know that your personality is not set in stone and that you can easily become whatever you want to be?

Do any of the following thoughts apply to you?

  • You feel deflated, and sometimes lose your motivation and confidence
  • You sometimes feel like an imposter or a fraud
  • You feel ashamed, frustrated and wonder what’s wrong with you
  • You keep your dreams on the back burner; you procrastinate and put off what’s important to you to make room for what’s important for others
  • You have been successful but you have lost your mojo, you wonder how to get it back

In this book, you will learn the components of success and how to define exactly what it means for you. You will discover why your previous attempts to succeed may have resulted in self-sabotage, how it happens to us and ways to avoid it moving forward.

The three co-authors of this book, Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas, Maureen (Mo) Hagan and Tasha Hughes, believe that every person already has everything they need to succeed. It is in your DNA. Somewhere inside, you know exactly what to do in order to be your best. Everybody is extraordinary and unique. Everyone can achieve the life that they desire. The know-how is all within you, waiting to be discovered.

In this book, you will learn about the D.N.A. System that Nathalie created working with her clients as a Life Coach and Executive Coach, combined with the experience and know-how of co-authors Maureen Hagan, Global Health and Wellness Expert, and Tasha Hughes, Women’s Empowerment Coach. You will discover how to reprogram your brain to succeed – and how to stay on the right track for good.

The D.N.A. System stands for: Desire – New You – Actualize. You will come away from this book with a new understanding of the internal journey of Defining – Undefining – Redefining. You will have a powerful ability to change your state: to shift from doing successful to being successful.

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